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First Dibs: What Happened When Jude Law Faced A Major Challenge?

ba10jlaw615x462 First Dibs: What Happened When Jude Law Faced A Major Challenge?

Is Scarlett Johansson selfish for wanting it all? New details emerge in Paul Walker‘s death, and fans find out the full extent of Spider-Man’s powers.

  • Jude Law went on The Tonight Show and was soon challenged to a “funny face off” by Jimmy Fallon. The actor and the host both tried to recreate funny faces made by fans who sent video submissions to the show. And sorry Jimmy, but Jude totally won this one. [Huffington Post]
  • Scarlett Johansson graces the cover of next month’s WSJ magazine, and opens up about her pending motherhood. She said she “selfishly” knows she can find a happy balance between family life and having a thriving career. Hmm, doesn’t sound selfish to us — make yourself happy, ScarJo! [Just Jared]
  • Investigators have released more sad details about the car crash that killed Paul Walker. The actor was a passenger in a Porsche that was going 94 m.p.h., more than twice the speed limit, when it hit a lamp post. [BBC]
  • We may have all thought we knew what Spider-Man was capable of, but it turns out he’s got even more powers than we believed. Check out Peter Parker’s full supernatural arsenal. [MTV News]

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Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Turning 30 and Life in the Spotlight

03/25/2014 at 03:35 PM EDT

It’s a sub-freezing February afternoon in Nashville and Miranda Lambert has just slipped into a $9,000 strapless silk chiffon gown. In a minute, she’ll brave the cold to step outside in front of a waiting camera, but at the moment, she’s poking fun at the decadence of couture: “This is what famous people do – lounge around in gowns all day!” she jokes.

After donning a few finishing touches – a pair of silver boots from her new retail line and a vintage pistol holster – the singer emerges with an Annie Oakley-meets-supermodel strut.

There’s little danger of Lambert abandoning her guns-ablazing image, but at the age of 30, she’s now comfortable mixing in a bit of glam with her gunpowder. (Her latest obsession? A hot pink Gucci tote, a $1,800 gift from her manager.) She’s also learning to be OK with softening what she calls her “I’ll burn your house down if you don’t listen to me” attitude.

“That attitude brought me here and got me where I am,” she says. “But that was me in my 20s. The chip on my shoulder is gone.”

With more than five million in album sales and an awards shelf crowded with six CMAs, 15 ACMs and a Grammy, “I feel like people have accepted me for who I am, with all the craziness, loudness and fire.”

These days, she’s a little less Miranda-rita party girl and a little more fine wine aficionado (“I think I’m turning into a wine snob!”); less Crazy Ex Girlfriend, more supportive spouse: “At some point, you calm down. I’m happy. I’m more settled. I’ve put down roots.”

That new contentment filters through the songs from her upcoming fifth album, Platinum, due out June 3, like her first single, the sweetly nostalgic “Automatic.” But it says something about the nature of Lambert’s fame – and the harsh media glare on her nearly three year marriage to Blake Shelton – that even before the song was released, some wondered whether it was meant as a jab at the couple’s relationship.

“There were rumors that it was about our marriage, that it had become boring and predictable. How do people even think that up?” Lambert says.

“It’s not easy when everyone is trying to tear you down, but you make a commitment and you stick to it. In other parts of the entertainment world, it sometimes seems like marriage is so disposable. But country has some enduring marriages – Johnny and June, George and Nancy, Faith and Tim. I’m thankful we have those role models. I feel like our peers are rooting for us. They’re holding us up.”

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Source: Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Turning 30 and Life in the Spotlight

Michael Schumacher’s Doctors Accused Of ‘Serious Lapses of Judgement’

Posted by Adam

1c0aASG 0239801 Michael Schumacher’s Doctors Accused Of ‘Serious Lapses of Judgement’

MICHAEL Schumacher‘s doctors have been accused of making “st” in the Formula One star’s car.

Gary Hartstein, F1 sport’s chief doctor between 2005 and 2012, says he had heard from “usually impeccable sources” to say that these lapses “could, and almost certainly did, worsen the outcome in Michael’s case.”

Hartstein believes that the “terribly dismal prognosis” over the long-term recovery prospects of Schumacher, 45, have made his carers at the University Hospital in Grenoble, France, ease-off pressuring his family to transfer their loved one to a specialized clinic for long-term coma patients better equipped to deal with people in persistent comas.

“It is possible that the staff at Grenoble feel duty-bound to NOT place any pressure on the family to transfer out, despite the terribly dismal prognosis . . . because of the clear (but unquantifiable) contribution of medical misjudgement to that prognosis,” Hartstein wrote on his latest medical blog as Schumacher enters his 87th day in a coma with no signs at all of coming around from it.

“As time goes on  it becomes less and less likely that Michael will emerge to any significant extent.

“I always knew Michael was adored. I spent years at circuits drenched in red by the Ferrari caps, flags, and shirts, and all of that for Michael. I’m still staggered by the depth and persistence of his fans’ love for him.

“And whereas I worried more than a bit about what was going to happen when and if really bad news got announced, I’ve realized that perhaps the lack of status updates has given us all a chance to move on a bit, to process what’s happening, and to start to . . . detach.

“And I think this is probably one of the unexpected ‘benefits’ to the media strategy chosen by Michael’s family. Somehow, I get the feeling that people are going to be ok, no matter what happens, because they’ve now had the time to process this all. I just regret that to get here, you’ve all had to work through feeling abandoned. That will go away too. I hope.

“So why is he still in Grenoble? I’m basing myself on the notion that Michael is still in the Intensive Care Unit, and is still being ventilated.  First of all, it clearly shows that his entourage is totally confident with the quality of care Michael is receiving.

‘It’s important to remember that Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds are a very limited resource. Every day intensivists are asked to admit critically ill patients to units whose beds are all filled.

“Therefore, I think it is inevitable that should the status quo continue, the ICU staff may well, at some point in the not-distant future, decide that the patient they’ve just been asked to admit has a higher need for that bed than Michael, given his clinical situation and prognosis. This then could be a reason to organise a transfer – to a private clinic, or to an ICU-like environment that his entourage could build at his home.

As mentioned previously, the longer one remains in a vegetative state, the less the likelihood of emerging, and the higher the chances of severe ramifications if the patient does in fact emerge. Most definitions consider the vegetative state to be permanent one year after the injury.

“Patients who are in a persistent/permanent vegetative state have lifespans that are measured in months to a few years. This depends on baseline function (extraordinary in the case of Michael, of course), the quality of nursing care, and other imponderables.

‘They usually die of respiratory or urinary infections. Longer survivals have been described, but are exceptional.’


p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Michael Schumacher’s Doctors Accused Of ‘Serious Lapses of Judgement’
Source: Michael Schumacher’s Doctors Accused Of ‘Serious Lapses of Judgement’

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman ‘Settling in to New life’

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman ‘Settling in to New life’

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2027AES 118484 Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman ‘Settling in to New life’SIMON Cowell and his baby mama Lauren Silverman are “settling into their new life” with their baby son Eric.

The couple welcomed their son into the world last month and they’re beginning to adapt to parenthood and having a young tot around the house.

“It’s a happy time. They’re settling into their new life,” a source said.

”The baby’s doing well, he’s very strong. He can already hold his head up! He’s not fussy and and he’s a good sleeper.”

Lauren’s eight-year-old son Adam — from her previous marriage with Andrew Silverman — is also besotted with his new half-brother and recently jetted over from New York to spend the holidays with him.

”Adam came to London for his spring break from school. He adores his little brother and loves helping with him,” said the source.

Simon, 54, and Lauren are currently living in London due to the music mogul’s busy schedule, but they are planning on dividing their time between the UK and the US as Adam lives in New York on a permanent basis.

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p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman ‘Settling in to New life’
Source: Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman ‘Settling in to New life’