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Gorgeous Candice Swanepoel on ‘The Lowdown with Diana Madison’

Candice Swanepoel on ‘The Lowdown with Diana Madison’

Beautiful South African and Victoria’s secret model Candice Swanepoel was looking gorgeous in white dress. These lovely photos were taken on ‘The Lowdown with Diana Madison’ which held in Los Angeles.

Source: The Phun

Source: Gorgeous Candice Swanepoel on ‘The Lowdown with Diana Madison’

Leonardo DiCaprio Riles Orlando Bloom

Leonardo DiCaprio Riles Orlando Bloom

Posted by Adam

66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "The Great Gatsby" PhotocallLEONARDO DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom are at war — and it’s all over Miranda Kerr.

Bloom was left furious when, just days after he and Kerr announced they were ending their marriage, Leo started hitting on the Victoria’s Secret model.

About a month ago Orlando told the Titanic star that he and Miranda were splitting up and he was brokenhearted over it. Leo comforted his pal, saying, “I know better than anybody – there are plenty of other fish in the sea,” according to an insider.

Then Leo, 39, turned around and asked 30-year-old Miranda — mom of Orlando’s 2-year-old son Flynn — out on a date, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Orlando was shocked that a friend would stab him in the back so callously,” said the source. “He told Leo to lay off, at least until his divorce is final.”

Orlando, 36, grumbled to another pal, “With friends like Leo, who needs enemies!”

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Source: Leonardo DiCaprio Riles Orlando Bloom

Kevin Federline’s Soccer Superstars

Kevin Federline brings his Ladies to his Sons' Game

Kevin Federline was photographed with his sons Sean Preston, 8, and Jayden James, 7, in Canoga Park, Calif. last week. K-Fed, his wife Victoria Prince, and their 2-year-old daughter Jordan were seen cheering on the boys at their soccer game.

Meanwhile, the boys’ mother, pop superstar Britney Spears, enjoyed a welcoming party on Tuesday (December 3) at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

“I already feel like home here at Planet Hollywood,” Britney said at a glitzy event. “It’s so nice to celebrate with this incredible welcome. I’m so excited for everyone to experience the new show. Now it’s just a few weeks.”

Onstage rehearsals kick off December 10, with the show’s grand premiere scheduled for December 27. Britney is currently contracted to do 50 shows apiece in 2014 and 2015. Tickets will range from $59 to $229.

“I’m so happy to be here right now. This is my city. I can’t wait to see you guys opening night,” Britney said.

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Source: Kevin Federline’s Soccer Superstars

Cheyenne Jackson Is Enjoying A Media Boost Thanks To His Alleged Sex Tape

Former Glee and 30 Rock star, Cheyenne Jackson, is enjoying the extra boost from his leaked sex tape. While it hasn’t been confirmed that it’s the actor in the video, Jackson is taking advantage of the attention. The actor has a new album out and just finished a run at Birdland Jazz Club in New York City.

“Let’s just say he’s not doing anything to stop the presses over the tape,” one of Jackson’s friends says. “It can only help.”

What happens when you diss Taylor Swift? You get dumped. At least, that’s the rumor going around about Jessica Hart, who was reportedly dropped by Victoria’s Secret following disparaging comments about the singer. But hey, maybe Hart will get a song written about her.

Even though she tried as hard as she could, Lady Gaga has not been able to make Artpop a huge success. The album has slid down the charts and the record label is not happy about all the money it put into the promotion of the album.

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Source: Cheyenne Jackson Is Enjoying A Media Boost Thanks To His Alleged Sex Tape