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The Part of Giuliana Rancic’s Scripted Dreadlocks Joke That You Didn’t See on ‘Fashion…


It’s time for E! to start taking responsibility for Giuliana Rancic‘s quote about Zendaya’s dreadlocks on Fashion Police. The TV host has held the burden of the joke and its backlash, while others who actually wrote it and edited the episode have yet to come forward.

Rancic joked that the actress/singer’s Oscar dreadlocks looked like they smelled of “weed” or “patchouli oil,” stirring an enormous amount of controversy and a disheartening response from Zendaya herself. The E! News correspondent’s job has been on the line, while she has received death threats and been deemed racist.

TheWrap obtained the entirety of the joke – that was scripted – which makes us see how her statement could’ve been taken out of context. (The part that didn’t air is bolded.)

“I love Zendaya’s style and I love when she has the little hair, she just had it. She has such a tiny frame that this hair to me overwhelms her, it’s really heavy it overwhelms her [and it’s just like too Boho. Zendaya is more high fashion. The hair to me, on her, is making her a little boho] like I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed.

Before she could finish the passage with, “Is she going on tour with The Grateful Dead this summer?,” host Kathy Griffin cut her off.

We see how the joke could still be viewed as offensive, but don’t understand why the network hasn’t done anything to help Giuliana or itself by explaining the entirety of the situation. At the end of the day, Giuliana is the one who said it, but it still isn’t right that she’s been the only one to blame.

Now that more light has been shed on the situation, do you think the treatment she’s received is fair? Let us know in the comments section.

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The Cast Of ‘Girls’ Reveals The Best Way To Get Over An Ex

girls-ex-lead No character on Girls has ever had an easy love life. First of all, this is Girls, nothing is ever easy for these characters. Second of all, this is a show that reflects the lives of lost twenty somethings in Brooklyn, so of course finding yourself comes with letting go of other people.

This season alone, we’ve watched Hannah get over Adam, Ray deal with losing Marnie, and Shoshanna cope with life after Ray. Knowing this, we asked the cast and crew of the hit HBO show at the red carpet before their PaleyFest panel what they think is the best way to get over an ex.

Lena Dunham: “Time and distance. I think a lot of people think they can move past a relationship while talking to that person everyday, but it’s kind of like drugs, you need to get off them.”

Andrew Rannells: “Find another one. I was never a proponent of that, ‘I just need to be with me.’”

Allison Williams: “Fall in love again. Find a new ex. It’s the only way to do it. Time kind of works. It’s like, ‘Oh you’re gonna go full Cast Away? Just be alone on island? Cool. Enjoy that.’ No, people go straight to Miami and they’re like, ‘This is Sven, I don’t know his last name.’”

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Alex Karpovsky: “One solution is to immediately get into another relationship, which for me, has worked. Another thing is to break up your patterns. Physically getting away is helpful because I’m not geographically bombarded by associations—’That’s where we had our first date, that’s where had our fight that ended it all’—whatever it is. Liquor doesn’t hurt either.”

Jenni Konner (Producer): “Be gentle on yourself and give yourself all the time you need. Don’t be in a rush.”

Ilene S. Landress (Producer): “You just have to be sad for a couple days then get yourself out there again and be lucky that you have good friends. Especially in New York, there’s a lot to take advantage of.”

Judd Apatow (Producer): “I never was able to do it. If I bumped into an ex right now, I would just start crying.”

Personally, Williams’ advice is our favorite. But let us know yours in the comments below!

Watch Girls star Andrew Rannells discuss who he identifies with most on the show.

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Source: The Cast Of ‘Girls’ Reveals The Best Way To Get Over An Ex

Kerry Washington Discusses Filming the Ferguson-Inspired Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Last week, Scandal aired an episode that dealt with police brutality, which not only recalled the fatal shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, but the death of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, and all of the innocent Black teenagers who’ve suffered at the hands of law enforcement.

During last night’s PaleyFest panel, moderated by Jimmy Kimmel, the cast of the series addressed what it was like to film such an important episode.

“We felt like our table read was very different. Our table read was very quiet,” said Olivia Pope herself, Kerry Washington. “Even Twitter—you know Twitter’s a big part of the culture of our show—Twitter was very different. Darby [Stanchfield] and I were talking before this, and we were saying it didn’t feel like a Twitter party. It felt like a period of reflection.”

On the carpet, Tony Goldwyn also recalled the solemnity during the table read and added, “Courtney Vance [who played Clarence Parker, the victim’s father] and I have been friends from 25 years, longer probably. In college, we were in a play together, so to have that connection as a people and two [characters] who had lost their sons, it was really powerful.”

While some viewers thought the episode ended too happily, others chose to look past that and focus on the necessity of the episode in the first place. One such person was Guillermo Diaz, best known on the show as Huck.

“I think America and the world needs to see this sort of thing on television. I don’t think we can move forward or move past racism or homophobia or these sorts of issues without putting them in the light and being like, ‘Look this is what’s happening,’” said Diaz. “And a lot of people were kind of pissed that it was on a television show where they want to escape and not see those things, but it’s necessary. We got people talking and discussing and hopefully changing and moving forward.”

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Toward the end of the panel, a fan brought up the episode in a question to Washington about it was like for her, and added the following statement: “This was about as Black as I’ve seen you on the show.”

After the crowd erupted in giggles, Washington, whose voice was weak due to laryngitis, powered through her sickness to offer a thoughtful response.

“It was really important to us that the show be about a woman who’s Black, but who’s a lot of things, so we never trafficked in the race stuff that much…But it did feel like we were at a point where the writers were comfortable now embracing fully this part of Olivia’s identity, and I like that it was a journey for Olivia herself,” said Washington. “She had to cross the picket line to validate her Black card. I was very moved that Shonda [Rhimes] had a lot feelings about what’s been going on and her form of protest…her way to contribute is to write, and so for all of us to be able to tell this story was such an honor. It was a nice sort of coming-of-race for Olivia.”

But the actress made sure to remind people that the episode wasn’t about Olivia Pope. “The overriding subject of the episode was so much more important,” she said. “It eclipses any one person’s identity because it was about lives mattering, regardless of who you’re born as.”

The audience, and her fellow panelists, which also included Joshua Malina, Scott Foley, Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, and Katie Lowes, applauded her answer.

You’ve got to admit that Washington was right: at the end of day, the episode shined a light on the value of every individual life.

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Source: Kerry Washington Discusses Filming the Ferguson-Inspired Episode Of ‘Scandal’

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Love Dirty Magazines

Who said you need whips and chains to keep a marriage alive? Move over, Christan Grey, because newlyweds Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo have a tactic of their own.

The couple was recently spotted at a second hand shop buying vintage Playboy magazines in NYC. Was the purchase solely for decoration? For pleasure? Either way, it’s pretty cool they’re comfortable enough to buy them in public together in the first place.


Look at those grins. The pair was also spotted shopping for vinyl records, which makes for an interesting combination if you ask us.


Now we wonder how Adam would feel is his wifey had a vintage Playgirl collection…

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Source: Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Love Dirty Magazines