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How Luke Bryan Made a Young Fan’s Day

Everyone feels better after listening to a little Luke Bryan – just ask 4-year-old Riley from upstate New York.

The young fan, who has Asperger’s syndrome, attended the recent Luke Bryan concert in Saratoga Springs, New York, with his mom Marjorie. At the show he wore a T-shirt saying, “Luke Bryan Is One of the Pieces to My Puzzle,” a play on the autism mantra “Until All the Pieces Fit.”

After the show, Marjorie wrote a letter to her local radio station, 107.7 WGNA, because she wanted to let them know how much Bryan’s music impacts her son.

“When Riley pretends to be Luke, he is a whole other person. He is not afraid or shy. He has confidence and feels free,” she wrote.

“Every time Luke turned his hat around during the concert, so did Riley. On our way out of the show, Riley pulled me down and said ‘I didn’t know all the songs mommy. I need to learn all the songs.’ He just loves music. Sorry for such a long letter, but I just want Luke and all other artists to know that their music is a powerful thing and truly helps those with disabilities to express themselves and get through rough parts of their day.”

Touched by the letter, the radio station staff invited Marjorie and Riley to join them for a tour of the studio. Then things got even better when Bryan himself called in to chat with Riley on-air.

“I remember reading that shirt from stage and I didn’t know ‘You’re the piece to my puzzle’ was an autism statement. I just thought, ‘Well that’s an interesting thing to put on a shirt,’ ” said Bryan. “The fact that my music can make some stuff a little easier for you, is what it’s all about.”

See the heartwarming video here:

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Lena Dunham Takes on Critics, Reveals Her Childhood Fears in New Memoir

updated 08/26/2014 at 04:45 PM EDT

originally published 08/26/2014 03:30PM

If you think Lena Dunham‘s afraid of a few critical assessments of her colorful Emmys gown, think again. The Girls creator just released an excerpt from her upcoming memoir that recounts her battle with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and her many fears while growing up as a hypochondriac and germophobe.

The 28-year-old’s $3.5 million book, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned, won’t be available until September 30, but fans and critics can get a peek at the project in The New Yorker now.

Dunham has shared a significant chunk of her deeply personal story with the periodical. The excerpt titled “Difficult Girl” starts with the actress/director at age 8, when she first remembers being blanketed by the overwhelming power of fear.

752elena dunham 600 Lena Dunham Takes on Critics, Reveals Her Childhood Fears in New Memoir

Lena Dunham

Courtesy Lena Dunham

“I am eight, and I am afraid of everything. The list of things that keep me up at night includes but is not limited to: appendicitis, typhoid, leprosy, unclean meat, foods I haven’t seen emerge from their packaging, foods my mother hasn’t tasted first so that if we die we die together, homeless people, headaches, rape, kidnapping, milk, the subway, sleep,” she describes.

This paralyzing worry continues to manifest itself in new ways. Only a few years into elementary school, and Dunham is spending days in the school nurse’s office certain that she is stricken with scarlet fever, polio or leukemia.

“The germophobia morphs into hypochondria morphs into sexual anxiety morphs into the pain and angst that accompany entry into middle school,” Dunham writes.

She then goes on to describe in great emotional detail the search to find the right therapist to help her comfortably confront her concerns, and how she found that professional mother figure in a woman named Lisa. The progress with Lisa reveals to Dunham her underlying obsessive-compulsive disorder, an area she has also explored through her character Hannah in Girls.

“Sitting with my mother in the beauty salon one afternoon, I come across an article about obsessive-compulsive disorder. A woman describes her life, so burdened with obsessions that she has to lick art in museums and crawl on the sidewalk. Her symptoms aren’t much worse than mine: the magazine’s description of her most horrible day parallels my average one. I tear the article out and bring it to Lisa, whose face crumples sympathetically, as though the moment she’d been dreading had finally arrived. It makes me want to throw my needlepoint supplies in her face,” the actress shares.

With a growing awareness of the causes behind her mental anguish, Dunham presses on – with assistance from several professionals – making her way to college, but more importantly to a stronger sense of self.

“I’ve called her [the therapist] from beaches, speeding vehicles in Western states, crouched behind a dumpster, in the parking lot of my college dormitory, and from my bedroom ten blocks from her office, when I didn’t have the energy to make my way to her couch,” writes Dunham. “From Europe, Japan, and Israel. I’ve whispered to her about guys who were sleeping next to me. Never has the sound of her voice, that calm but expectant hello, not put me at ease. She answers on the second ring, and all my muscles and veins relax.”

The passage ends on a note of optimism, a hopeful thought for her future self that we have watched grow into the talented celebrity who walked the Emmys red carpet Monday night. Overall, Dunham’s excerpt shows an honest look into the unique daily and life-long effects mental illness has on a person, a reality that is often overlooked. It is also an opportunity to see from where HBO’s outspoken star draws her current strength and confidence, even in the face of entertainment’s harshest fashion police.

lena dunham 1 495 Lena Dunham Takes on Critics, Reveals Her Childhood Fears in New Memoir

Lena Dunham

Courtesy Lena Dunham

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Source: Lena Dunham Takes on Critics, Reveals Her Childhood Fears in New Memoir

Are Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Dating?

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Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen

Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Netflix/AP

New couple alert!

Stepping out at Netflix’s post-Emmy celebration at the Chateau Marmont, Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen “shared kisses and were very cozy together,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

The Orange Is the New Black star, 35, mingled with her costars at the bash – including Taylor Schilling, Dascha Polanco and Laverne Cox – but Armisen, 47, was constantly by her side.

The Portlandia actor was most recently linked to his fellow Saturday Night Live cast member Abby Elliott after a brief marriage to Elisabeth Moss.

Reps for Lyonne and Armisen have not responded to requests for comment.

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Joran van der Sloot Moved to Remote Prison After Authorities Say He Threatened Warden

Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of U.S. teen Natalee Holloway, has been moved to a remote Peruvian penitentiary after authorities said he threatened to kill the warden of the prison where he was serving a 28-year term for murder.

Peruvian prison spokeswoman Janeth Sanchez told the Associated Press that the 27-year-old Dutchman was moved Sunday to Challapalca, located high in the Andes near the Bolivian border. He previously was held at a prison north of Lima.

Van der Sloot was the last person seen with Holloway, who vanished while on a graduation trip to Aruba. He is imprisoned for killing Stephany Flores, a 21-year-old Peruvian business student, in 2010.

He married his pregnant Peruvian girlfriend in a prison ceremony last month.

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Source: Joran van der Sloot Moved to Remote Prison After Authorities Say He Threatened Warden