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Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Leak Online: Report

09/20/2014 AT 05:55 PM EDT

Is Kim Kardashian the latest celebrity victim of a nude-photo hacking ring?

Alleged naked photos of the reality star supposedly leaked online early Saturday morning on 4chan, reports Uproxx.

The report has prompted speculation that the hacking is likely the work of the same individuals who posted nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and more in August.

Pictures of Hope Solo, Vanessa Hudgens, Avril Lavigne, Leelee Sobieski and Lake Bell were also reportedly leaked on the site Saturday. Reps could not be reached for comment.

The photos were quickly taken down thanks to 4chan’s new policy on copyright infringement in the wake of the first leak, which the FBI is actively investigating.

“This is a flagrant violation of privacy,” Lawrence’s publicist Liz Mahoney wrote in a statement at the time. “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

Kardashian, 33, weighed in on the first leak earlier this month, telling E! News that she saw the incident as a “wake-up call.”

“It seems like there are a lot of people that love to spend their time hacking peoples’ information, and that’s just a scary thing,” she said.

Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Leak Online: Report
Source: Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Leak Online: Report

Hillary Scott: I’ve Swapped Drinks for Diapers Before Shows

09/18/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Hillary Scott: Ive Swapped Drinks for Diapers Before ShowsCurtis Hilbun/AFF-USA

Time changes everything — just ask Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott.

The band recently wrapped their Take Me Downtown tour and while they’ve sorted out the bus situation, the first-time mom admits she’s still adjusting to taking 13-month-old daughter Eisele Kaye out on the road.

“It’s a lot to juggle,” Scott, 28, tells PEOPLE. “When I’m on the road and touring, my whole day revolves around when I need to get ready, so by a certain time I need to be taking a shower and if I’m 10 minutes late, then it’s going to make the rest of the day shift.”

Adds the singer, “It can get stressful.”

But there’s a silver lining to the constant juggle. “I’m learning how to multitask!” she says. “I do my own hair and make up every night, so just juggling everything and wanting to prioritize having quality time with her and fitting in working out, sound check and hair and make up.”

And gone are the days of sipping drinks and relaxing before hitting the stage, all of which have been swapped with special moments with her baby girl.

“Before Eisele, the pre-show ritual was a cocktail. Now I’m changing a diaper and then walking on stage. Or giving her a bath or putting her to bed, which is really precious time honestly, and then getting on stage,” she shares. “It’s different. Life is really different.”

Of course, the next tour will bring double the diaper duty now that bandmate Dave Haywood is a dad — his son Cash Van was born Sept. 7.

“That little boy is beautiful!” says Scott. “They’re doing very well. The first few weeks are so strange. Your adrenaline kicks in and you’re like, ‘I know I’m sleep deprived, but this little person is just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.’ Then a few days go by and that adrenaline starts wearing off and that’s when you get the tough stuff.”

She continues, “But they’re doing great! I went and met the baby and he’s just precious. He’s a little mini-Dave!”

Lady Antebellum’s new album, 747, lands Sept. 30.

– Danielle Anderson

Hillary Scott: Ive Swapped Drinks for Diapers Before Shows
Source: Hillary Scott: I’ve Swapped Drinks for Diapers Before Shows

Sophia Loren Turns 80! Mark the Milestone with Her Gorgonzola Pasta Recipe

09/19/2014 at 04:25 PM ET

Sophia Loren Turns 80! Mark the Milestone with Her Gorgonzola Pasta Recipe

Maybe the the secret is in the sauce?

Eternal beauty — and well-known foodie — Sophia Loren celebrates her 80th birthday on Sept. 20th, and let’s face it: She’s still a bombshell.

So, how does she do it?

The answer may just lie in the Italian actress’s homemade recipes. Of her famously voluptuous figure, Loren has notoriously said, “everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”

In honor of the screen siren’s special day — and ample assets — we’re making one of her personal pasta recipes from her Recipes & Memories cookbook, which she released in 1999. (She also released In Cucina Con Amore  in 1971.)

Her recipe is so simple and so rustic, there’s virtually no messing it up. However, there’s one Sophia rule that should be followed to the letter: “Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.”

Pasta With Gorgonzola Cream
Makes 6 servings

Generous 1/2 pound Gorgonzola cheese
2 tbsp. unsalted butter
1 small stalk celery, roughly chopped
1/2 onion, roughly chopped
Freshly ground pepper
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 hard-boiled egg yolk (optional)
Handful of finely minced Italian parsley
2 cloves garlic, peeled
1 1/2 pounds rigatoni or fresh tagliolini

Place Gorgonzola, butter, celery, onion, garlic and a pinch of pepper in a blender or the work bowl of a food processor. (Note: A food processor would work faster.) Process to a smooth paste; when the mixture is well blended, add the cream, milk and egg yolk; add the parsley and salt to taste. Blend until the sauce is very smooth. Meanwhile, cook the pasta until just al dente, then toss it with the sauce.

—Michelle Ward

Sophia Loren Turns 80! Mark the Milestone with Her Gorgonzola Pasta Recipe
Source: Sophia Loren Turns 80! Mark the Milestone with Her Gorgonzola Pasta Recipe

Cape Fear Actress Polly Bergen Has Died at 84

Emmy-winning actress and singer Polly Bergen, who in a long career played the terrorized wife in the original Cape Fear and the first woman president in Kisses for My President, died Saturday, according to her publicist. She was 84.

Bergen died at her home in Southbury, Connecticut, from natural causes, said publicist Judy Katz, surrounded by family and close friends.

A brunette beauty with a warm, sultry singing voice, Bergen was a household name from her 20s onward. She made albums and played leading roles in films, stage musicals and TV dramas. She also hosted her own variety series, was a popular game show panelist, and founded a thriving beauty products company that bore her name.

In recent years, she played Felicity Huffman’s mother on Desperate Housewives and the past mistress of Tony Soprano’s late father on The Sopranos.

Bergen won an Emmy in 1958 portraying the tragic singer Helen Morgan on the famed anthology series Playhouse 90. She was nominated for another Emmy in 1989 for best supporting actress in a miniseries or special for War and Remembrance.

Talking to women in a business group in 1968, she said her definition of success was “when you feel what you’ve done fulfills yourself, makes you happy and makes people around you happy.”

Bergen was 20 and already an established singer when she starred with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in her first movie, At War with the Army. She joined them in two more comedies, That’s My Boy and The Stooge.

In 1953, she made her Broadway debut with Harry Belafonte in the revue John Murray Anderson’s Almanac. In 1957-58 she starred on the musical-variety The Polly Bergen Show on NBC, closing every broadcast with her theme song, “The Party’s Over.”

Also during the 1950s, she became a regular on the popular game show To Tell the Truth.

Bergen published the first of her three advice books, The Polly Bergen Book of Beauty, Fashion and Charm in 1962. That led to her own cosmetics company, which earned her millions.

Bergen became a regular in TV movies and miniseries, most importantly in the 1983 epic The Winds of War and the 1988 sequel, War and Remembrance. She appeared as the troubled wife of high-ranking Navy officer Pug Henry, played by Robert Mitchum.

Mitchum also had the key role in the landmark 1962 suspense film, Cape Fear, as the sadistic ex-convict who terrorizes a lawyer (Gregory Peck) and his wife (Bergen) and daughter because he blames Peck for sending him to prison. The film was remade in 1991 by Martin Scorsese.

In 1964’s Kisses for My President, Bergen was cast as the first female U.S. president, with Fred MacMurray as First Gentleman. (In the end, the president quits when she gets pregnant.) When Geena Davis portrayed a first woman president in the 2005 TV drama Commander in Chief, Bergen was cast as her mother.

Among her other films was Move Over, Darling (1963) with Doris Day and James Garner, Susan Seidelman’s 1987 Making Mr. Right, and John Waters’ 1990 Cry-Baby, with Johnny Depp.

Ambitious Businesswoman

A fierce ambition prevailed throughout Bergen’s entertainment career and in her business life. She walked out of early contracts with Paramount and MGM because she thought her film roles were inadequate.

As the president of the Polly Bergen Co., founded in 1966, she arrived at her office at 9 a.m. and worked a full day. “It was very difficult at the beginning,” she said in 2001, “because everybody considered me just another bubble-headed actress.”

She sold the company in 1973 to Fabergé, staying on for a couple of years afterward to run it as a Fabergé subsidiary.

Bergen employed the same zeal in reviving her performing career after a series of personal setbacks of the 1990s. She played successful dates at cabarets in New York and Beverly Hills.

When she was refused an audition for the 2001 Broadway revival of Follies, she contacted composer Stephen Sondheim. He auditioned her and gave her the role of a faded star who sings of her ups and downs in show business. The showstopping song, “I’m Still Here,” was reminiscent of Bergen’s own saga. She was nominated for a Tony award for her role.

Nellie Paulina Burgin was born in 1930 in Knoxville, Tennessee, into a family that at times relied on welfare to survive. The family eventually moved to California, and Polly, as she was called, began her career singing on radio in her teens.

“I was fanatically ambitious,” she recalled in 2001. “All I ever wanted to be was a star. I didn’t want to be a singer. I didn’t want to be an actress. I wanted to be a star.”

But over the years, Bergen’s personal life was not as smooth as her career. Her four-year marriage to actor Jerome Courtland ended in an acrimonious divorce in 1955. Her second marriage to super-agent and producer Freddie Fields ended in 1975 after 18 years.

In 1982 she married entrepreneur Jeff Endervelt. She co-signed his loans and gave him millions to invest from her beauty company profits. She said in a 2001 New York Times interview: “He would come home and say, ‘Honey, sign this.’ I wouldn’t even look at it. Because you trust your husband.”

The stock market crash of the 1980s wiped out the investments. She divorced him in 1991, and she said he left her with so many debts she had to sell her New York apartment and other belongings to avoid bankruptcy. She also battled emphysema and other ailments in the late 1990s, a result of 50 years of smoking.

She is survived by her children Peter Fields, Kathy Lander and Pamela Fields and three grandchildren.

Cape Fear Actress Polly Bergen Has Died at 84
Source: Cape Fear Actress Polly Bergen Has Died at 84