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These 10 Celebs Have Officially Lost Touch With Reality!


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Movie stars, pop stars, and media darlings (this is what we’ve taken to calling reality stars with no discernible talent) are used to everyone hanging on their every move. We scan tabloids to find out where they bought their man-bracelets. They receive untold riches to show up to an event. Their pregnancies are more celebrated than the Virgin Mary’s. The world revolves around them — so why wouldn’t they believe that they’re the second coming? This attention makes some celebs, like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, pay it forward — but for others, it turns them into self-absorbed, wholly delusional lunatics.

You wouldn’t believe some of the most un-self-aware, howlingly out-of-touch quotes that our favorite celebrities have given! In a recent New York Times interview, Rob Lowe actually discussed the hardship of being plagued with devastating good looks. Mariah told reporters that, while she admires the skinniness of Ethiopians, she couldn’t deal with all the flies and stuff (!!). And, if you hadn’t heard, Kanye West continues to be a God.

Check out our ten most egotistic, lost-touch-with-reality celeb quotes, ever!

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First Dibs: Has Sofía Vergara Had A Threesome?

6184sofia vergara 417 First Dibs: Has Sofía Vergara Had A Threesome?

Can you guess the celebrity doppelgangers? Which director has been accused of sexual assault? Is Mrs. Doubtfire 2 finally happening?

  • Sexy Sofía Vergara was nervous for her threesome scene in Fading Gigolo with Sharon Stone and John Tuturro because she’s never had one. She explained, “At the beginning, I was a little nervous because…I’ve never done anything like this, not in real life or on camera.” [Eonline]
  • We like to consider ourselves experts on celebrities, but are we experts when it comes to celebritwins? Big Morning Buzz Live will put you to the test to see if you know your celebrity doppelgangers.

  • X-Men: Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old boy in 1999. A new lawsuit alleges that Singer supplied the underage teen with drugs and alcohol, forced him to do cocaine and sexually assaulted him. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • If you’re a diehard fan of Mrs. Doubtfire, then you’re in luck because it was just announced that Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is in production. Robin Williams will reteam with director Chris Columbus on the sequel. [MTV News]

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Last Lap: Which TV Personality Just Got Engaged?

48f0jmccarthy kosbourne ahall615x462 Last Lap: Which TV Personality Just Got Engaged?

Has Lindsay Lohan‘s reality show been canceled? Alan Thicke opens up about his new series, and Emma Watson works on her birthday.

  • Today on The View, Jenny McCarthy announced her engagement to former New Kids On The Block member Donnie Wahlberg. And to think, they met on Jenny’s old VH1 show! So, does that mean we’re invited to the wedding? [MTV News]
  • Alan Thicke was one of the best television dads ever, and now he’s taking on reality TV — well, sort of. The actor stops by Big Morning Buzz Live to talk about some of the comedy that’s been infused into his new show.

  • Are we about to see the end of Lindsay Lohan’s docuseries on Oprah Winfrey‘s network? Since Lindsay is nearing the end of its eight-episode run this year, it’s hard to say whether they’ll be a second season. Judging by how Oprah’s been dealing with the starlet lately, we wouldn’t be surprised if the show was truly over. [E!]
  • Wait, Emma Watson couldn’t get the day off to celebrate her birthday? Since the Noah star has so much clout, we figure she decided to show up to the set of her latest flick instead of chilling. Besides, we know she still had an epic party! [Perez Hilton]

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She’s a Monster! Lady GaGa ‘Difficult’ on Video Shoot

She’s a Monster! Lady GaGa ‘Difficult’ on Video Shoot

Posted by Adam

1x1.trans She’s a Monster! Lady GaGa ‘Difficult’ on Video Shoot


According to a new report, the singer was “extremely difficult to work with” during her recent G.U.Y. music video shoot at the iconic Hearst Castle, with staffers at William Randolph Hearst’s former estate even banned from talking to the Applause hitmaker!

Hearst Castle became a California State Park after the publishing tycoon died, and is staffed with federal workers.

“Lady GaGa was extremely difficult to work with during the G.U.Y. music video shoot,” a source said.

“For three days when she was at Hearst Castle, employees were forbidden from talking to her.

“Tons of Gaga’s fans descended onto Hearst Castle during the shoot, which posed a huge security nightmare for the staff. Everyone was extremely relieved when filming was finished.”

While the staffers agree that Gaga has introduced Hearst Castle to a new generation, they hope, “this won’t become a new Hollywood hot spot,” a source explained.

“The Central Coast is extremely low key, and the last thing anyone wants is anyone coming up here with their Hollywood ego’s thinking they own the place!”


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