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Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Make Out Naked, Covered in Blood in ‘Animals’ Video

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Make Out Naked, Covered in Blood in 'Animals' Video

Adam Levine (left) and Behati Prinsloo

09/29/2014 AT 07:05 PM EDT

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo sure know how to keep married life interesting.

The couple, who tied the knot in July, star in the new video for Maroon 5’s “Animals,” in which Levine, 35, plays a butcher obsessed with Prinsloo.

While he spends most of the video stalking her from a distance and chopping feverishly at slabs of raw meat, the singer eventually hunts her down and ravishes her in a shower of blood. Um, romantic, we guess?

The singer Instagrammed a shot from the set of the video, which was directed by the legendary Samuel Bayer, earlier this month.

The band recently announced plans for a world tour, which kicks off next February.

Levine has also said that he’s looking forward to having children with the 25-year-old model in the near future.

“I want to have 100 kids,” Levine joked during an interview with Ryan Seacrest last month. “I want to have more kids than is socially responsible. We can’t do it right now, but it’s in the works.”

Check out the new video – in all of its insane glory – below:

Source: Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Make Out Naked, Covered in Blood in ‘Animals’ Video

Jason Derulo: ‘Pressures of Marriage’ Led to My Split from Jordin Sparks

Jason Derulo: 'Pressures of Marriage' Led to My Split from Jordin Sparks

Jordan Sparks and Jason Derulo

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

09/29/2014 AT 06:45 PM EDT

Jason Derulo wants to clear something up.

“Though I think it is a private matter and intended to keep my break-up with Jordin personal, due to bogus and irresponsible lies being reported by insensitive media outlets it became necessary for me to comment,” the singer said in a statement to ABC news on Monday, addressing the speculation surrounding his split from Jordin Sparks.

Derulo, 25, says he felt compelled to make a public statement to address the rumors that cheating and his rising status in the music industry led to the end of their three-year relationship.

“There was a lot of tension in our relationship for a lot of different reasons,” he said in an interview on KIIS FM. “Every relationship has ups and downs…when you stop having more good times than bad times, it’s time to call it quits.”

Derulo denied any infidelity or ego problems, but he did admit to host Ryan Seacrest that time apart because of their busy schedules created stress in the relationship.

“It may have weighed on her more than it weighed on me,” Derulo told Seacrest. “She was in [a] frustrated space a lot.”

Though he says expectations and “pressures of marriage” were a point of contention for him, Derulo has no plans on avoiding performing songs like his hit single “Marry Me.”

“I think it’ll be tough to perform a lot of different songs,” said the singer. “But maybe it’ll be special in a different way because that was a huge time in my life.”

And Sparks, 24, also seems to be focusing on the positive.

“Don’t cry because it’s over,” she Tweeted on Friday. “Smile because it happened.”

Seemingly taking her own advice, the American Idol alum was beaming at the premiere of her new movie Left Behind, which opened the Catalina Film Festival on Saturday.

“She closed the party down with her date Lance Bass,” a source tells PEOPLE of Sparks’s night out with her close friend. “She was being silly with her castmates and was all smiles.”

As for any potential reconciliation, Derulo does not seem optimistic.

“I wouldn’t say good terms, I’d be lying if I said that,” Derulo said when asked by Seacrest how things are between the former couple. “But it’s not a bad situation … there’s no bad blood.”

Reporting by MIA McNIECE

Source: Jason Derulo: ‘Pressures of Marriage’ Led to My Split from Jordin Sparks

See Chrissy Teigen Kick Butt in Bangkok

09/29/2014 at 01:47 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen
Courtesy Raymond Molinar/Esquire Network

We didn’t think we could love Chrissy Teigen any more, but then she stepped into a boxing ring.

The swimsuit model, food blogger and wife of John Legend traveled to Bangkok as part of Anthony Bourdain’s Esquire Network series The Getaway, which features celebrities as expert travel guides of exotic destinations.

Teigen takes viewers through Bangkok — where she celebrates Christmas with family every year (her mother is from Thailand) — with authentic Thai boxing and, of course, food.

On Teigen’s episode, which premieres Oct. 29, we get to see the the travel-loving Teigen, 28, gamely throw some punches in the Muay Thai ring and learn how to high-kick. The trainer is “shocked” by her power.

“I’ve never been this tired,” a worn-out Teigen says after her boxing lesson. “This has been amazing! I feel like I got bit by this bug. I want to do it.”

Her Instagram followers got a little preview of the match when she posted a photo of her boxing bruise, with the caption “I learned Muay Thai kickboxing guys.”

And we knew we could count on Teigen for at least a few Thai foodie finds on her trip.

At the Taling Chan floating market in Thonburi — which Teigen explores by boat on the episode — she indulges in grilled fish and green papaya salad, and later gives an oyster egg omelet a try at a night market with a food blogger.

She also posted a mouth-watering spoiler of her Bangkok eats on Instagram.

Other celebrities featured this season include David Koechner in Dublin, Adam Pally in Las Vegas, Jack McBrayer in Hawaii and Kyle MacLachlan in Napa Valley.

—Melody Chiu

Source: See Chrissy Teigen Kick Butt in Bangkok

Swedish Scientists Have Spent Almost 20 Years Sneaking Bob Dylan Lyrics into Articles

09/29/2014 AT 06:05 PM EDT

A group of Swedish scientists have spent the past 17 years not thinking twice and sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into their back pages. But it’s all right.

The group’s competition dates back to when a team from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm published a paper about, er, flatulence, titled, “Nitric Oxide and Inflammation: The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind.”

“We both really liked Bob Dylan and we thought the quotes really fitted [sic] nicely with what we were trying to achieve with the title,” Professor Eddie Weitzberg told The Local.

The trend continued, until a few years later, when a sharp-eyed librarian took notice of another article written by two other professors at the same university titled, “Blood on the Tracks: A Simple Twist of Fate,” which describes very little about anything scientific, but does use two Dylan songs instead of just one.

The librarian contacted Weitzberg with the coincidence, and Weitzberg and his original partner in Dylan-referencing, John Jundberg, then extended their colleagues a formal challenge to see which of them could insert the most Dylan lyrics into their articles before retirement. (The winner gets a free lunch, and possibly “One More Cup of Coffee.”)

The foursome were joined by another professor, Kenneth Chien, who’s been playing the game for years, with articles like “Tangled up in Blue: Molecular Cardiology in the Postmolecular Era.”

The group is careful to maintain their professionalism: “We’re not talking about scientific papers – we could have got in trouble for that,” Weitzberg said. “But rather articles we have written about research by others, book introductions, editorials and things like that.”

“I would much rather become famous for my scientific work than for my Bob Dylan quotes,” he adds, laughing.

“But yes,” he notes, “I am enjoying this!”

Source: Swedish Scientists Have Spent Almost 20 Years Sneaking Bob Dylan Lyrics into Articles

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