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Daphne Oz: The Baby Weight Isn’t Pouring Off

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The Chew star Daphne Oz graces the November/December 2014 issue of Fitness and opens up about daughter Philomena, 7 months, her secrets for losing the baby weight in a healthy way, and her workout tips for instant energy.

On what surprised her the most after having her daughter: “That you still look six months pregnant once you’re home from the hospital. Your body does not instantly bounce back. I don’t own a scale, because it would make me neurotic, but I thought I knew where I’d be when I went for my first doctor appointment a few weeks after giving birth. I’d lost only 10 pounds!”

On not rushing to lose the baby weight: “It’s a priority, but it’s one of many. I’m breastfeeding, so my priorities include eating to nourish my baby, gaining muscle tone and feeling good. It’s about being back in charge of my body. The weight isn’t pouring off, but I figure that it takes nine months to have a baby and it’ll take at least that long for it to come off.”

On her workout routine as a new mom: “I figure out how much time I have and adjust my routine to fit. Philomena loves being in the stroller or carrier, so that’s how I’ll get a walk in. I run about four miles three to four times a week, and I intersperse that with half-hour online workouts. I love the Ballet Beautiful videos; they’re intense and strenuous but not hard on your joints. I also love Inhale Yoga With Steve Ross. And the Physique 57 DVDs, too. They’re great because I can work out while my daughter is in her bouncy seat.”

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Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ Ads Incite Protests

10/29/2014 at 03:08 PM ET

It seems like just yesterday Abercrombie & Fitch was riling up customers with its CEO’s views on plus-size fashion. Now another mega-retailer is under similar scrutiny for potentially body-unfriendly marketing: Victoria’s Secret, which a U.K. petition says sets unfair standards for a “perfect body.”

British students Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides and Laura Ferris started a petition in response to ads in Victoria’s Secret stores and online that portrayed the line’s models wearing its “Body by Victoria” underwear line under the tagline “The Perfect ‘Body.’” The students say such marketing is damaging and promotes body image issues in women.

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“We would like Victoria’s Secret to change the wording on their advertisements for their bra range Body to something that does not promote unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty, as well as pledge to not use such harmful marketing in the future,” the women write in their petition. “Victoria’s Secret’s new advertisements play on women’s insecurities, and send out a damaging message by positioning the words ‘The Perfect Body’ across models who have exactly the same, very slim body type.”

They have also started a hashtag campaign, #iamperfect, which is meant to show support for their cause as well as promote positive body image. And it’s picked up traction on social media, as well as on the petition itself, which was up to 4,000 signatures calling for an apology from the brand.

Do you agree with their message? Should Victoria’s Secret apologize? Weigh in below.


Source: Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ Ads Incite Protests

Robbie Williams Welcomes Second Child, Vlogs The Birth


TMI or too fabulous?

British pop star Robbie Williams vlogged the birth of his second child – a son – via Twitter in a series of tweets and videos. And while his wife Adya Field didn’t always look so impressed, the singer-songwriter, 40, assures that “no moms were harmed” in his final birth announcement.

Over the course of 12 hours, Williams uploaded a series of videos, including one of him dancing to his own song Candy, while Field does breathing exercises.

In another, Williams sings Frozen‘s hit single Let it Go while his wife has her legs outstretched in the pushing stage.

Other posts include photos of Field’s chic delivery room Louboutins and a shot of the couple sleeping.

The baby boy is the second child for the couple. They welcomed their first child – daughter Theodora Rose – in September 2012.

What do you think about his live-tweets? Too much information? Or harmless fun?

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Man Beheads Woman Before Jumping in Front of Moving Train

10/29/2014 AT 03:10 PM EDT

In a gruesome scene seemingly straight out of a Halloween horror movie, a man beheaded a woman Tuesday night, dragged her body out of her Long Island, New York, apartment, and kicked her severed head down the street before jumping to his death in front of a moving train.

“I looked through my window and saw the body down there,” neighbor Nick Gordon told the New York Post. “I saw the lady laying right there in front, and her head was across the street … I thought, ‘Holy s—!’ “

According to the Post, many neighbors initially believed the body they saw in the street was part of a Halloween prank until they touched it.

“I saw a head on the ground. And then I saw a body without a head,” Jack Imperial, 41, who lives in Queens, tells PEOPLE. “It looked like it was a Halloween prank. I figured it was a hoax. I just hoped it was a hoax. It looked real.”

NBC New York reported Wednesday that the deaths were being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Moreover, the station reported that law enforcement officials now believe that the victim was the mother of the man who decapitated her.

The body of the man, said to be in his 30s, was struck by a moving Long Island Rail Road train roughly 1,000 feet from the Farmingdale, New York, home of the woman, reported to be in her 60s.

“There was blood all over the floor,” Gordon told the Post of the tragic scene. “You can see smears going down the stairs … as if somebody were pulling a body.”

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Source: Man Beheads Woman Before Jumping in Front of Moving Train