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Who Is Hotter? Klondike’s Richard Madden Or Pompeii’s Kit Harington?


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Winter isn’t coming anymore; it’s officially here. While it might be frigid and icy outside, two of Game of Thrones‘s resident hotties are serving up the heat on the small and big screens. Richard Madden (aka Robb Stark) is currently starring in Klondike, where he brings the heat to Yukon territory, and Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) is shedding his wintery furs to play a young gladiator in Pompeii. We’re thrilled to see both boys break free of all the carnage in Westeros, but it’s leaving us wondering: WHO’S HOTTER?

Last night, Richard Madden left the cold realm of the North on Game of Thrones and, well, traveled north to the frigid Klondike territory in Discovery Channel’s appropriately named miniseries, Klondike. The series continues tonight at 9/8 C.

Richard Madden might be the hottest guy to ever hang out in the snow in two different television series, but Kit Harington is trading the ice beyond the Wall for the world’s most famous volcanic eruption in the upcoming film Pompeii. Harington is also going to be wooing Emily Browning and showing off his washboard abs in the film when it debuts on February 21.

They both have curls, they both have pretty faces, but which Stark brother would you rather have keeping you warm? (Or can you not tell them apart?)

Klondike is returning tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9/8 C. Pompeii arrives in theaters on February 21. Game of Thrones returns on April 6.

[Photo Credit: Discovery Channel & TriStar Pictures]

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Michelle Obama Slam Dunks in Healthy Eating PSA with the Miami Heat

01/21/2014 at 11:35 AM EST

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen and Chris Bosh all make cameos, but Michelle Obama beats them all in her latest “Let’s Move” PSA.

The quartet from the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat visited the White House to film the ad, but it’s the First Lady who had the best moves – even slam dunking in the 50-second clip, much to the amusement of the pros.

She also photobombs the players as they’re being interviewed by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and gets them all to munch on apples.

President Obama welcomed the entire Heat team to the White House last Tuesday to honor last season’s championship. “You know, you guys are winning me over a little bit,” Obama, a diehard Chicago Bulls fan, told the team.

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Juan Pablo’s Bachelor Blog: A Good Week on the Show, a Tough Week Off It

Juan Pablo Galavis, former pro soccer player, single father and star of this season’s The Bachelor, is blogging for each week about the ladies, the dates and the difficult decisions he faces. This week he also addresses his controversial comments about the idea of a gay Bachelor. Since those remarks, Galavis has apologized and agreed to meet with GLAAD members as well as LGBT Latinos and their families. You can also follow Juan on Twitter @JuanPaGalavis.

It was a little hard to start writing after all that has happened during the past few days. I thank you for coming and reading my blog …

My apology was not enough, so I guess time and my actions will let people know who I really am and my thoughts about how much I respect gay people.

On the show, at least, this was my favorite week.

It started with my one-on-one date with Cassandra. I wanted to make sure early on whether I felt she could be a potential partner, because obviously I don’t want to waste her time away from her son.

The date started at the beach, jumping in a water car and enjoying a ride around town. She had no idea the car was a water car. We drove a bit, and then I faked that I was going to stop in front of the beach, but I pressed the gas until we got into the water. She was scared, but soon she figured it out. We cruised to a yacht and had a great time lying in the sun and talking.

After a great afternoon, I took Cassandra to my house and cooked my signature pasta for her. I wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible so she could talk to me without problems.

We had a great date, especially when we were dancing, because she is a good dancer and I knew she felt in her comfort zone. Seeing pictures of her son really melted my heart, because I know how it feels to be away from your child but also wanting to look for someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Getting Our Kicks

As a soccer player, there was definitely going to be a fútbol date, and I couldn’t wait to take 10 girls on a group date to StubHub Center, the home of the L.A. Galaxy. Being on a soccer field makes me feel like I’m at home. It was my home for 24 years and sometimes still is.

I played for a bit with some of the Galaxy players to warm up, and then the women showed up. I loved seeing them in sportswear. I’m a easygoing kind of guy, and there is nothing more attractive to me than a woman wearing spandex, sports tops and sneakers.

I trained them before the game to see their level of skills and even had some penalty kicks. I was the goalie, and the girls kicked my butt. The game was awesome – I have never seen 10 girls kick each other so hard, run and kick the ball everywhere. Poor Sharleen got beat up, but she kept getting up and kept playing.

The cocktail party was at the stadium, and that was so great to show the girls how soccer has been in my life and will always be an important part of it. Kissing Andi at the concession stand was very steamy – that place was so hot and things got even a little hotter.

Lucy had her birthday that day at 12 a.m., and I waited until 11:55 to talk to her because I thought she needed a special moment. At 12, I brought her a little piece of cake with a candle and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

Chelsie Time

My last date of the week was with Chelsie. She is so fun. We danced in the car, and I took her to a bridge. We stopped in the middle, and I made a video where I told her this was our bridge. She said, “We’d better not be jumping off it,” and it was great seeing her reaction when she saw the platform and realized that we were, indeed, going to bungee jump off of it.

We put our gear on and walked up the stairs. When I looked down for the first time, I almost s–– my pants. Oh my God, I was scared, but I was not going to show Chelsie that because she would not have jumped with me. She was also super scared. We walked three times front to back, and I tried my best to keep her calm and make her trust me that everything would be okay. Obviously, trust is very important for a relationship, but if she didn’t want to jump, I was going to understand because is a hard situation to be in. She trusted me, and we jumped. It was a very scary feeling.

That night, I wanted her to relax and have some dinner in a gorgeous setting, and after that I gave her the rose. What better way to end the date than with a Billy Currington concert for the two of us? I knew she loved him and thought she was perfect for this date. I wasn’t wrong.

As I don’t like rose ceremonies and their cocktail parties so much, I decided to break into the mansion and cook breakfast for the girls to get them to loosen up (also to see them without makeup and in their pajamas!).

Seeing everyone in their pajamas was great. Some of them didn’t care that I was at the house, and Renee showed once again what an amazing woman she is by helping me cook and helping the girls clean up everything. Lucy, on the other hand, came down with a T-shirt and underwear, and she stayed that way for all of breakfast. That’s when I realized that she wasn’t good for me and my daughter.

I cooked a Venezuelan breakfast: perico, arepas, etc., and they seemed to like it.

The mood was so great that I changed the cocktail party to a pool party, and that was definitely the cherry on top of the ice cream of a great week with the girls.

Don’t forget to tune into Sean and Catherine’s live wedding on Sunday, and then watch on Monday night for the next chapter in my adventure. Next week we hit the road, and my adventure goes international. And who knows, maybe I find my Seoul mate on the way.

I hope you enjoyed the episode and reading my blog. And once again, to those whom I may have offended with my words, I offer my apologies.

Juan Pablo

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Life After The Sixth Sense: Haley Joel Osment Still in Awe of Bruce Willis’s ‘Radiant Manliness’

01/21/2014 at 10:20 AM EST

44d1haley joel osment 600 Life After The Sixth Sense: Haley Joel Osment Still in Awe of Bruce Williss Radiant Manliness

Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense (left) and in 2014

Spyglass/Getty; PictureGroup

To promote his part in the IFC miniseries The Spoils of Babylon, The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment stopped by Reddit Thursday evening to take part in one of the site’s Ask Me Anything sessions. The result was many, many “I see dead people” references, but also an inside look at the life of a child actor who’s flown further under the radar than some of his contemporaries.

Below, the most important things we learned about Osment’s post-child star life from the AMA session.

1. The Sixth Sense was a lot less scary to make than it was to watch

The slow process of production took a lot of the fright out of the macabre thriller, Osment revealed. “There is something desensitizing (not necessarily in a negative way) about seeing the whole process of making a horror movie that prevents you from being too scared going forward,” he wrote. Even now, he finds it hard to get scared by a horror movie.

2. He credits his parents for helping him lead a relatively normal life

Despite his Oscar nomination, Osment doesn’t feel like his childhood was much different from other kids. “My parents made a tremendous effort to have a home life, education, and community that preserved the privacy and freedom kids need,” he wrote. “I went to a regular elementary school, high school, and went to university with only two work-related interruptions in those last four years.”

3. He is full of good things to know about nearly everyone he worked with

Not a surprise, really – HJO doesn’t really seem like a bridge-burning type – but it’s still worthwhile to hear the heaps of praise the former child star dishes on his adult coworkers. Michael Caine is “a gifted storyteller and hugely generous actor,” while Robert Duvall has an “absolute dedication to not only his own, but his costars’ performances.” Jude Law, meanwhile, took hours of dance lessons for his part in A.I., and Steven Spielberg continues to send holiday cards to the Osment family after directing Haley in the film. He rounds out the compliments with these words about Sense costar Willis: “Bruce’s radiant manliness certainly cannot be denied. He was great to work with, and I wish I had been a little older at the time because apparently there were some pretty great Willis-DJed crew parties on the weekends at the Philadelphia Convention center.”

4. He loved NYU

Osment followed in the footsteps of fellow child stars Mara Wilson and the Olsen twins when he matriculated at NYU in 2006. He says it was one of the best decisions of his life: “NYU is a gigantic school, but the little part of it I attended was perfect for me. I was at the Experimental Theater Wing in the Tisch School of the Arts and I loved every minute of it.”

5. He hunts lizards and then keeps them as pets

According to IMDb, Haley Joel Osment is “a big-time lover of lizards,” and the actor confirmed his lifelong fascination with the creatures during his AMA. “I used to catch fence lizards (growing up in California) with a bamboo pole and humanely snare (only catch-and-release!) [them],” he wrote. “Then I got serious at age 8 and got a leopard gecko. They are great pets if you’re into reptiles.” Amazingly, he still has the gecko. Its name is Pete.

Although Osment declined to talk about this viral video, he did reveal that his favorite kind of pie is pumpkin.

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p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Life After The Sixth Sense: Haley Joel Osment Still in Awe of Bruce Williss Radiant Manliness
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