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The ‘Sister Wives’ Speak About Jealousy, Investigations & More

Though their living arrangement may strike most as unconventional, “Sister Wives” patriarch Cody Brown says his polygamist lifestyle is actually quite liberating – and no , he doesn’t spend the evening with more than one wife at a time.

“We might do something as a family, we might do something as a couple but, we’ve already said it — we don’t go weird!” Cody told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover when asked if he spends the night with all four of wives simultaneously on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live.

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“You must be exhausted, big guy!” Billy joked.

“No, I’m liberated… it’s just easy for me to do things that I want to do,” Cody explained. “And what I want to do is take care of my kids and hang out with them, so it’s easy.”

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Kit wasted no time getting down to the details, asking, “How does Valentine’s Day work?”

“We get together as a family,” wife Robyn answered. “[Cody] gave Valentines to all the kids. They all got a Valentine from Daddy.”

“There’s a tendency for me to kind of try to stretch it out — I don’t like doing that, but every night that week I was with somebody and tried to something special, kind of Valentine’s-esque with each of them,” Cody told Billy and Kit. “It’s not easy to do that because it’s like you’re stretching out this holiday and it’s making you crazy, but every guy knows what I’m going through.”

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The ladies of the Brown family insist they’re content with their polygamist lifestyle and equate their husband’s ability to meet the needs of their enormous family with the powers of a superhero.

“We think he’s Superman — we really do,” wife Janelle enthused. “He’s a hands-on dad, very involved.”

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“And the first thing he says when he walks through the door is, ‘How are you doing? How are you feeling, sweetheart?'” Robyn added.

“And 16 people go, ‘Great’!” Billy laughed.

Despite sharing a husband, the women insist jealousy does not exist in the Brown family home.

“You know what the hardest part is? It’s not the jealousy, it’s the family meetings,” wife Christine told Billy and Kit. “It’s meeting after meeting, and scheduling after scheduling to plan activities, and then we’re late!”

“There is jealousy,” Robyn added. “But kind of the whole point is to get over yourself and kind of look out for other people’s needs as well.”

The family is in the process of moving from Utah to Nevada – with their combined 17 children in tow! — but insist that an investigation of their lifestyle by Utah authorities was not the catalyst for their relocation.

“[Our lifestyle] was under investigation by the county,” Cody told Billy and Kit. “There [have] been no charges filed… Well, we’re afraid of that, but that’s not the reason we moved.”

“Cody has been talking about moving to Las Vegas for years,” Robyn added. “We actually vacation there a lot — anniversaries and birthdays and stuff like that.”

The Browns chose to allow cameras into their home in hopes of removing the shroud of mystery and stigma surrounding bigamy/polygamy and so far, the ladies have received favorable feedback.

“I hope when everybody thinks ‘polygamist family’ they don’t think the stereotype anymore,” Janelle told Billy and Kit. “That was our whole goal.”

“We’ve had a lot of response — people just contacting us or stopping us in the store or whatever,” Meri said, while Robyn added, “We get fan mail and it’s all very positive.”

Season 2 of “Sister Wives” premieres on Sunday at 9 PM on TLC.

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