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Ryan Seacrest’s Co-Host Sisanie Expecting Twins

On Air with Ryan co-host, Sisanie, recently announced that she is expecting twins. Getting loud cheers from the studio audience on the show, Sisanie made the announcement this week and ended a lot of speculation. Some had wondered whether she was keeping a “family” secret from the crew when she began showing what appeared to be a baby bump recently. But many assumed she would have broken the big news.

Villaclara TWINS Due Spring 2018! 🍼🍼 . . . #blessed #twinpregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #twins 📸: @laffit

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Sisanie and her husband were reluctant to celebrate when they first learned that she was expecting. An earlier miscarriage had been a tough ordeal for the couple, and they were afraid that if they celebrated too early it might jinx this pregnancy. But after Sisanie made it through the first trimester without incident, the couple figured it would be a great time to make the big announcement. And that meant doing so on the air, for all the world to hear.

Ryan Seacrest, the anchor of the eponymously-named show, was so stunned that he immediately congratulated his co-host and her husband on air, and announced that he would be calling Kelly Ripa to give her the news at once.

The co-host said she and her husband were quite surprised when they found out the pregnancy news but were doubly elated when the ultrasound revealed they’d be welcoming two babies into the family. Sisanie explained to everyone that they could have guessed she would soon be bringing twins into the world, based on the size and early appearance of such a large “bump.” To show like that, according to Sisanie, so early in a pregnancy is a sure sign of multiple babies on the way.

Sisanie’s family has a long history of twin births, so the news was actually not such a huge surprise after all. The co-anchor feels that she’s being blessed with two babies as a sort of karmic repayment for having lost one already. There might be some truth to that idea, based on her history and the couple’s strong wish for another baby.

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Fredrik Eklund and Derek Kaplan Welcome a Boy and Girl Twins

Fredrik Eklund is known for his million dollar deals in some of the most expensive real estate in the world. So it’s no surprise the 40 years old Bravo Million Dollar Listing star had double the news when announcing yesterday on Instagram. He and his 42 years old husband Derek Kaplan welcomed to the world a baby girl and a baby boy via surrogate.

Happiest moment of my life. Welcome Fredrick and Milla to the world. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

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Fredrik’s Instagram picture was of the couple, each holding a baby and kissing. He captioned the picture “Happiest moment of his life.” The couple named their daughter Milla and their son will take Fredrick’s name.

The road to becoming a father didn’t happen as easily as most of his real estate deals. The real estate mogul has shared with his fans the rough road and false hopes that often comes with surrogacy.

The couple had to endure not one but two miscarriages. Their first heartbreak was back in 2015 with a surrogate that was pregnant with twins, shortly after they experienced another miscarriage. He went on to speak about how hard it has been on the couple emotionally and even more difficult for the surrogate.

In August 2017 it seemed their luck had finally changed, they announced on social media that they were 6 months pregnant with twins.

Their excitement has understandably been building, giving us a peak from their baby shower back in October, declaring “grateful.”

It’s no surprise that these two mini real estate tycoons will be showered with nothing but love.

The Bravo star also shared a pic in the middle of November of the nursery taking shape. It looks like the twins will be living grandly. The nursery has its very own castle with a ladder to climb to the top.

Congrats are in order to Fredrick Eklund and Derek Kaplan!

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Justin Timberlake’s After Thanksgiving Work Out Routine with Son

One of the world’s most famous pop singer and actor really had his work cut out for him over the first of the big seasonal holidays. You know there is a good story when you read about how Justin Timberlake works off his Thanksgiving leftovers with the help of his son Silas.

Like most American families, the three members of the Timberlake clan chowed down on a huge Thanksgiving feast but worried about how to work off some of those celebratory calories the day after. Timberlake decided to post a funny pic to his Instagram account that showed off an unusual exercise routine. Little 2-year-old Silas was balanced on dad’s back as the elder Timberlake shook off some of that meal weight.

Shaking off those leftovers like… Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 🎥 @jessicabiel

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Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, 35, is not looking forward to the day when her little one reaches adulthood, noting that she thinks it might be sort of sad to be in an empty house as an older adult. But turning her attitude on a dime, Biel noted how Timberlake and Silas spend so much time together they have almost become “… the same person.” Biel refers to the tyke as “mini-Justin,” and with good cause. Whenever the “attached at the hip” duo are not watching golf together, they are either working out, chilling, playing a game or doing dad-and-son walks anywhere and everywhere.

The 7th Heaven star says she loves the fact that the family’s life is sort of hectic and go-go most of the time, but she and Timberlake indeed struggle when they try to coordinate their super-busy professional schedules. For her part, Biel still keeps her hand in acting, modeling and film production. She started out as a singer but quickly found her place within the film industry on both sides of the camera.

When she’s not working, Biel devotes her time to a wide array of charitable causes like international sex education for young girls, clean water projects, and many others. The beaming couple began dating in 2007 and got engaged after four years, in 2011. In 2012, they tied the knot and have been together ever since. Little Silas came along in 2015. The boy is their first child.

The Grammy-award winning Timberlake, 36, discourages Sila from watching any TV except The Golf Channel. That’s because of dad’s total obsession with the sport, and the fact that golf is his main way of de-stressing after a movie or music gig.

Timberlake has been in the spotlight since age 11 when he co-starred on the Mickey Mouse Club with pal Brittney Spears. Since then, Timberlake has been singing, writing songs, acting and producing. Nowadays, Timberlake also works with various charitable organizations and regularly plays in pro-am golf tournaments to raise money for good causes.

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Are Expecting Baby No. 2 and We’re Not Crying You’re Crying

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting baby number two!
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