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The journey of food and lifestyle stylist and photographer Elise Dumas

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Elise Dumas, aka The Pineapple Chef, is a food and lifestyle stylist and photographer.

I mainly create content for brands, chefs, restaurants, hotels, publishing homes and magazines… I worked for 15 years in fashion for luxurious homes in visible merchandising earlier than embarking on this full-time activity. she says.

After learning Political Science, Communication and Management, and 6 and a half years within the consulting enterprise, Elise returned to high school to study a Master on the French Fashion Institute, which then allowed her to train his profession as a visual merchandiser.
“I had some notions of pictures, however no diploma or coaching in class on this topic.” she explains.

I began a blog eight years ago about food intolerance as a result of there made my life hard. Eight years in the past, there was actually not a lot gluten-free, vegan or organic places in Paris. I wished to transmit my recipes and photograph them.
I at all times appreciated the picture and the visual. When I realized that my pictures weren’t of sufficiently top quality, I went to work with international bloggers that I admired by their Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

It was a revelation ! I understood that, beyond the recipe, I appreciated to stage it, sublimate it and photograph it.

Since then, Elise likes to create pictures featuring floral arrangements, recipes, or each, to disclose their beauty,  in the broadest sense of the term, that surrounds us.
Today, I’m – and an increasing number of after traveling all over the world – fascinated by the wonder and richness of our products, our heritage, our know-how, our cooks or our craftsmen. This is all that I need to speak about in my work : the standard, the authenticity and the seasonality of our merchandise, the great and the gorgeous, with out essentially following a trend or a pattern.  she explains.
I’m impressed by social networks, but in addition books, exhibitions, cinema, structure and even everyday life, nature, seasons… ” she said.



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