Tori Spelling: “3 Boys, 3 Girls Would Be Ideal”

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling was all smiles with husband Dean McDermott and four of their children — sons Liam, 10, and Finn, 5, and daughters Stella, 9, and Hattie, 5 — at the L.O.L. Surprise Party! event in Hollywood, Calif., on Friday (September 29).

At the event, the actress, 44, talked about adding to their big brood. “I do like even numbers and I was always a big fan of The Brady Bunch. So three boys, three girls would be ideal,” she told Us Weekly. “But we’re blessed and you know, who knows?”

As it turns out, the couple — who are also parents to 6-month-old son Beau — didn’t plan any of their children.

“We’re both believers, none of our kids are actually planned,” Spelling shared. “So we’re believers that they choose us and when the time is right, it’s right. If not, we’re definitely blessed.”

The True Tori star talked about balancing her busy life and career.

“People say, ‘How do you do it with 5?’ I’m like, ‘You don’t think about it. You just do it.’ There’s no thinking, so I just try to make sure my kids are my first priority and work is always second, so I feel like if you always keep that in your mind and go with your heart with your family in mind, it all works out,” she shared. “They know I do a lot of work from my phone. Nowadays they’re like, ‘Mom, why are you on your phone? Are you texting?’ And I’m like, ‘No, influencers work from there phone. I’m doing social media work.’ I’m like, ‘It’s part of the job, you know?’ But as long as I can take my phone somewhere. Obviously when I’m acting, I’m on a set, when I’m doing the other parts of my work and the other part of my life, social media is great because you can go anywhere with it.”

Not to mention, Dean is a “total hands-on dad.”

“He does a lot of acting in Canada and in a lot of movies and stuff, so we definitely try to balance so that one of us is at home when the other one isn’t,” she said. “We’re a team and we work off of each other and we work a lot together. So when we can work with the family like on reality and stuff, that’s always the best because then we’re together.”

She added: “Honestly, we like bedtime, not like bedtime, but time in bed. I heard there’s amazing mattresses that are nine-feet wide. I need that because I have a huge family. Our favorite thing is to put towels on the bed. We bring up what we call a ‘bed picnic’ and we put on a movie and all cuddle in bed.”

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