Jessica Simpson’s Son Brings Dad’s Football Helmet to Show and Tell

Jessica Simpson‘s son modeling his dad’s football helmet for show-and-tell made social headlines recently. In fact, her 4-year old son, Ace Knute is a true “Daddy’s boy”; At a recent show-and-tell at school, young Ace donned his dad’s old football helmet for his teachers and classmates. Simpson, 37, posted an Instagram video of the class presentation.

His Dad, of course, is Eric Johnson, who was a former NFL tight end with the San Francisco 49ers. Johnson also played for the New Orleans Saints before retiring from gridiron in 2008.

Daddy Johnson gave his son the helmet for his presentation at school. Suffice to say, all of Ace’s classmates and teachers were in awe of this awesome helmet, and who knows if Ace may follow in his Dad’s footsteps and become a great NFL player someday.

Show & Tell ❤️🏈 #DaddysBoy #ACEKNUTE

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Before plopping the helmet on his head, Ace told his class that he too loves and plays football. Mother Jessica was brought to tears as she saw her son pay homage to his Dad. While the helmet, of course, was a bit big for Ace, it was one of the cutest spectacles of the day! Many cameras were on hand to capture young Ace try the helmet on, and he also allowed his friend to try on the helmet as well.

With football as one of America’s main pastimes, there is nothing cuter than having your son wear your old sports helmet. Not only can he learn more about football, he can also be proud of your achievements and accolades in life. Such is the case with Ace who now wants to become a professional football player when he gets older.

While Jessica Simpson is known for her stunning looks and singing talents, she is also a die-hard football fan. Her husband, Eric also loves football even though he is retired from the game. According to both parents, Ace shares their passion for football and loves most sports in general. Show and tell – at countless schools across the nation – is a time for kids to interact with other classmates and share something that means something to them. These presentations also help build character, which stays with them well into their teen and adult years. Young Ace could’ve easily showcased his action figures or the latest video games. Instead, he wanted to show his friends the wonderful gift his Dad gave him, one that will surely be cherished for years and decades to come.

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Daphne Oz Shares Selfie of Her Baby Bump

By now almost every fan of The Chew knows that Daphne Oz, 31, is expecting her third child any day now. Daphne Nur Oz and her husband, John Jovanovic, decided to share the latest baby-bump pic, at 38 weeks no less, on Instagram. Though the couple has not yet decided on a name for the newest addition to their family, the baby will join older siblings Philo and John-John as the tiniest member of the trio. Headlines proclaiming that “Daphne Oz shows off 38-week baby bump in selfie” showed up online and in print media early this week.

🍯✨well…we are very close now. 193lbs (so my doctor tells me – i don’t own a scale). definitively not all baby. taking this picture last night, it was just going to be for our family – i have collages of each baby growing in my belly and try to write myself little reminders of what it felt like to know their movements and the excitement of holding them inside me before I got to know the actual people that would emerge. but i decided to share it with all of you because the female body is worth so much more than objectification, scrutiny, comparison, hatred…we do so much in this skin. we all have complex relationships with the history of how we get comfortable living in and owning it. mine has been a long, winding journey forward and back and forward again. and then there are moments like this that are a perfect duality: heavy and light, exhausted and exhilarated, unrecognizable and yet distinctly me (plus someone else). these last few weeks of pregnancy have gone so fast and slow and it got me thinking about a lot. i feel like you guys think these thoughts too. BIG LOVE!!❤️

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The 31-year-old commentator, nutrition author and frequent face on TV discussion programs noted “… we are very close now,” after sharing the touching photo with her Instagram followers early this week. Even though her physician logged her weight at 193 pounds, the svelte nutrition guru was quick to add that she and her husband do not have a scale in their home.

The photo was originally intended for “family sharing” only but Oz eventually sent it out to a much wider audience due to her beliefs about combating negative concepts of the female body. Her father, noted TV doctor Mehmet Oz, has a viewership of millions for his daily informational show that touches on virtually all aspects of health and nutrition. Daphne grew up in an atmosphere where eating and nutrition were of key importance in life.

The intrepid media personality already has complete collages of her other two children as they advanced along the growth cycle inside her body, recently noting that she kept a pregnancy diary each time, in which notations were made about how all stages of growth felt and what her impressions were as the child got ready for the big day.

Calling her new family a “party of 5,” the eldest child of Dr. Oz pointed out that she and her husband, John, were delighted to learn of the pregnancy and went on to mention that the new child will be a girl. That means the family of five will consist of two males and three females altogether.

Their daughter Philo is already 3 years old, while John-John is just approaching his second birthday. Philo’s full name is Philomena Bijou and John-John’s is Jovan Jr.

Daphne Oz is a sought-after speaker on topics ranging from healthcare to lifestyle and has already chalked up some major gigs on her resume by appearing at Maria Shriver’s “Governor’s Women’s Conference” and at the prestigious Aspen Institute’s wellness forum in 2009.

In addition to those activities, Oz is the face of non-profit HealthCorps, an organization that helps young people as they struggle with learning about exercise, nutrition, and stress. HealthCorps programs are in place all over the U.S., currently taking place in more than 50 schools.

The happy couple has been married since August of 2010, having met in college at Princeton. After a civil ceremony initially, John and Daphne opted for two religious ceremonies, one of which was in a church and the other in the private home of Daphne’s grandparents.

Princeton grad and best-selling nutrition author, the TV host celeb’s Instagram pic of her 38-week bump went viral the minute it entered the cyberspace stream.

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Now That Thanksgiving is Over, We Can All Strive to Be As “Festive” as Mariah Carey

Christmas season has begun, which means that you can strive to be as festive as Mariah Carey is on a daily basis.
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Eva Amurri Martino Thanksgiving Festivities

Mom-of-two Eva Amurri Martino and husband, NBC Sports broadcaster Kyle Martino, are gearing up for a fun and festive Thanksgiving. The Mothers and Daughters star, 32, shared a family photo with their two kids – daughter Marlowe, 3, and 1-year-old son Major –– via Instagram

“Say Turkey!” A BIG blog post is up today on featuring a look at my #Thanksgiving table, our family Turkey Day style, and our plans for the day- as well as my tips for YOUR best Thanksgiving table! Let me know what you think,” she captioned the family photo.

The Californication actress shared further details on her blog, Happily Eva After

As it turns out, the Undateable star and her family will celebrate Thanksgiving with her famous mother, Stepmom actress Susan Sarandon.

While Eva is hosting Thanksgiving at their Connecticut home, Susan will bring her favorite pies from New York City.

This Thanksgiving is our first one hosting at our new Connecticut home,” writes Eva. We have some fun things planned.  Our friends and fam are showing up around 2 pm and we have a fun cocktail hour where we shake up some yummy drinks (I’m partial to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner dirty martini!) and enjoy some appetizers.  We always have a legit cheese selection– and a couple of hot apps as well! Our family friend makes the MOST delicious breaded shrimp appetizer with four dipping sauces.  I’m going to make my signature (and super easy) bacon-wrapped dates as well! Then we normally sit down to eat around 4 pm.  We are doing two turkeys this year– one in the oven, and one on the grill! Then we have a few different stuffings, green beans, roasted veggies, and mashed potatoes.  And Cranberry sauce, which is my personal fave– I put it on everything! Then, we enjoy a bunch of pies for dessert that my Mom brings from NYC.  We almost always forget to buy vanilla ice cream until the eleventh hour and somebody has to run out and get it.  LOL.  Would it really be Thanksgiving without a last minute grocery store emergency?! Ha!

As for their family traditions, everyone is sure to count their blessings while digging into their delicious meal.

During dinner, we go around the table and talk about what we’re thankful for this year,” Eva writes

This year is especially moving for me since Major’s accident and skull fracture happened the day after Thanksgiving last year.  Getting closer to the “anniversary” of what we all went through is really emotional for me, and leaves me feeling really grateful and resilient.  It’s so incredible that I can sit at my own table this year with my healthy, thriving son and finally shut the door to that entire chapter of our lives.  I am very thankful for that.”

 And it sounds like the fun continues after the fabulous feast.
 “After dinner, we bring the wine into the living room and play games,” shares Eva. “I have a few old-school board games (think: Clue, Monopoly, Dictionary) that are so fun to play with bigger groups.  We’ll probably put some great music on and hang out for a while once the kids are down for the night.  Although hosting in your own home can be stressful, I actually prefer it– you don’t have to go anywhere at the end of the night! Ha!”

For more details of Eva’s Thanksgiving table inspiration and festive ideas, go to Happily Eva After.

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