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Best and Worst States to Have a Baby

Find Out What the Best and Worst States to Have a Baby in 2018

Having a baby is a joyous time for any family but extra expenses can add up when preparing for your little one. Besides the added costs of strollers, cribs, and diapers you will incur families need to plan for the costs of delivery and their hospital stay. The average delivery bill for welcoming your newborn in the U.S. is over $10,000.

But what state you deliver your baby can affect the cost for your family and it’s out of your control. Your out of pocket expenses while in the delivery room can vary by state. See where your state ranks on the best and worst states to have a baby.  

Many factors play into where your state ranks. WalletHub determined the most attractive states to have your child based on 26 key factors through data analysis. Some key data points they considered include infant care costs, delivery charges, and child care centers per capita.

Which States Came Out on Top?

Vermont came in at number one as the most ideal state to have a baby in 2018 while the state of

Vermont Best State to Have a Baby 2018
Vermont Green Mountains | Photo Credit Pixabay (Mariamichelle)

Mississippi came in last due to the state’s higher infant- mortality rates and the low number of midwives and OB-GYNs in the state.

Besides Vermont topping the list of best states Massachusetts came in at second having the third most pediatricians per capita. If you live in Minnesota you’re in luck, they ranked third on the list for having the fifth most midwives and OB-GYNs per capita.

The other seven states that rounded off the top ten included New Hampshire, North Dakota, Connecticut, Colorado, Nebraska, District of Columbia and California coming in at tenth.

Jeff Wallace, a business advisor and assistant professor at Snow College tells WalletHub that authorities need to be the ones to make the change for their state, “If local authorities want to attract families in their area—and for a host of societal reasons, it would behoove them—they should continue to strive for greater public safety and more family-friendly environments.”

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Busy Philipps Admits her Youngest Daughter is Struggling

Busy Philipps Admits her Youngest Daughter is Struggling With her Hectic Work Schedule

Busy Philipps, 39, is struggling with raw emotions going back to work. And like all working mothers, she is working with her youngest daughter Cricket, who is having a hard time with the transition.

“My little one is not used to me working this much,” Philipps told Us Weekly at a Tropicana Kids event in New York City on Tuesday, August 7. “She’s used to having me all the time,” she revealed.

The actress is back to the grind, filming her upcoming E! talk show Busy Tonight while also promoting her memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little. The Dawson’s Creek alum is living up to her name and adds being a mother to her two girls Birdie, 9, and Cricket, 5, to the mix she is one busy bee.

My little ray of light.

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Busy recalled when she was on set filming Cougar Town her youngest daughter was only 18-months old. And when she was working on her HBO show Vice Principals, her work schedule was only a two day a week gig. Now that Cricket is older, she notices her mother not around as much.

“It’s been a little bit of a transition, me going to work every single day. She doesn’t understand. [She is like] ‘Why do you have to work all the time?’”

Philipps explained to Birdie that her jobs give their family the financial stability and she is able to provide things such as private school and private gym classes through her work.

The timing of Busy going back to a pack filled work schedule didn’t help the issue at hand. Philipps admits that returning to her projects in the summer while her daughters are out of school has made the transition more noticeable. She is confident once her girls are back to school some normalcy will return to their household.

“I think it’s because I started working the show during the summer, it’s more noticeable,” she added that her youngest will “figure it out.”

And like any working mom, the actress has those times where she is flooded with guilt and feels like she is failing at motherhood.  “Sometimes I have those days where I’m like, ‘I was a bad mom today,’” she admitted. “I fall into that trap where you say the thing that you’re not supposed to say, as a mom.”

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Joanna Gaines Reveals She Feels Like a ‘First-Time Mom’ Again

When Joanna and Chip Gaines decided to end their gig on their much successful show Fixer Upper the design couple had plans to slow down and spend more time with their four children Drake, 13, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie, 8.

But six weeks after their announcement that they would be walking away from the show Joanna and Chip got some surprising news, Joanna was pregnant.

Joanna Gaines, 40, gave birth to the couple’s fifth child, a son Crew, on June 21 and the Magnolia cookbook author admits that this pregnancy “was different” from her others.

In the fall issue of The Magnolia Journal, Joanna reveals that she is more confident and with age on her side this time she is more comfortable in her own skin.

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“I have always really enjoyed being because pregnant — I tend to feel my best during those nine months,” Joanna wrote. “This time I felt a little more worn out than usual. I heard the phrase ‘geriatric pregnancy’ for the first time when I was about six weeks in, and I laughed until I realized that’s actually what it’s called at my age.”

If you would have told Joanna that she would be having a fifth child a 40 she would have said you’re crazy. But with life comes surprises and her newborn son has been nothing but the sweetest blessings yet for the family. “As much as Chip and I joked about the possibility of having another child, I truly believed I was done,” she wrote. “And yet, after eight years, here I am with a newborn in my arms. I feel like I’m a first-time mom all over again.”

So why is this time around so different than her prior four? For one, she had her first four kiddos close together and Joanna recalls, ”Time and money and sleep were all scare, and I remember greeting each of those babies with a mix of excitement, uncertainty, exhaustion, and awe. This time around, the HGTV personality is “more comfortable” in her own skin.

And with age comes wisdom and Joanna Gaines realizes that it’s ok to ask for a helping hand. “Part of being capable is surrounding myself with people who are strong where I am weak and willing to lend a hand when I am in need of help,” she wrote. “Since Crew’s birth, I have a new understanding of the reality of the phrase ‘it takes a village.’”

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Ali Fedotowsky Reveals If She Will Have More Children

Ali Fedotowsky of The Bachelorette is now speaking out and sharing her plans for future children. Ali has two so far with her husband Kevin Manno. Us Weekly got all of the details and it doesn’t seem like Ali has any doubts about her decision either. They caught up with her at Hallmark Channel’s TCA Summer party in Beverly Hills on Thursday, July 26, which was one of the few times Ali got out of the house without kids. 

Ali just had her second child with her husband Kevin Manno and she is happy with the size of her family now. Kevin and Ali don’t want any more kids at all saying there was “no chance in hell.” Obviously, she didn’t hold back and is pretty set on her choice. She explained her thoughts about having more kids. 

“No chance. We’re talking about vasectomies. Like, we are done. I’ve done enough, OK? I’ve had children, I’ve been through pregnancy, labor. He can do something this time. Yeah, no. We’re having those conversations. We don’t want more than two. The thing is, a vasectomy is reversible … but, like, we’re like certain we don’t want one, even though I say, never say never.”

Ali and Kevin have two children and they got one boy and one girl. This seems like it is perfect for them. Ali found love on The Bachelorette with Roberto Martinez, but things didn’t work out. She met Kevin through a mutual friend. They got married and have a son Riley plus their daughter Molly who is two-years-old. The fans would have loved to see Ali as The Bachelorette a second time, but she didn’t need reality TV to find her match. It did help launch her career, though.

Fedotowsky is admitting that having two children is a lot harder than one. She now understands when a mom says they don’t even have time to take a shower. Ali admits to handing off the baby the second Kevin walks in the door so that she can get a shower herself. When she just had one baby, it was a lot easier to get things done.

Are you surprised to hear that Ali Fedotowsky doesn’t have plans to have any more children? Let us know in the comments below and don’t miss watching The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin on Monday nights on ABC. After that, it will be time for a new season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

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